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BAV, not just an ordinary Beer- and Collectors Association

The activities of the Beer-and Collectors Association BAV are comprehensive: the association gathers and spreads news about Dutch breweries . It keeps up a good relationship between collectors of beer-items of breweries on one side and the Dutch breweries on the other.

Besides that, the BAV organises large meetings for its members twice a year. Most of the time a brewery is the host of the meeting. And last but not least the BAV provides excursions to all kinds of breweries.

Excursion to the Gulpener Bierbrouwerij.
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A small group of fanatic collectors of beer-items regularly met at common flea markets and at all kinds of fairs where they were searching for specialities like beer glasses, coasters, labels and crown caps to enlarge their collection or to exchange beer-items. Whenever they met, they talked about their hobby and so the idea came up to organise a fair of their own.

On September 24th 1983 the very first fair for collectors of beer-items was held in The Hague. About 150 people came to this fair and they were enthusiastic about it. Looking back, one can say this was the first step to what we now know as the Beer- and Collectors Association BAV. This became more and more obvious the next couple of years when more fairs took place.

Nowadays BAV has about 1700 members. The first lustre was a huge happening. It took place in a tent. It was the first time all Dutch breweries were present at the same time. The second event was not as exorbitant as the first, but nevertheless also special. Members of BAV were invited to visit all the Dutch breweries. Quite often it was not just an ordinary tour; the breweries put something extra to it. Some of the members were present at all tours! They saw quite a lot of breweries.

Going to a BAV meeting is always a pleasant affair!

The BAV-meetings are still very popular among the members and are also visited by other people with a drive for collecting. We estimate the number of people coming to each fair around 1000. Most of them are men, but women also attend. The female members sometimes collect themselves, but if they don't, they often just come along for fun.

As mentioned before, the meetings take place twice a year: mostly the third Saturday of April and September. Nowadays the meetings are also visited by collectors from surrounding countries. It's a great opportunity for exchanging, finding just that one and only special item, or otherwise just browsing. But it is also the place to meet old friends or to make new ones. If one doesn't have anything to exchange one can always have a good time at the lottery. Quite often the nevertheless it's a nice gesture.
What else is there to be seen at the fair besides the stand and the lottery? There is always information to about BAV and every fair ends with an auction. Always a big success: curiosities as well as specialities from old breweries (some of them don't even exist anymore) are sold at the auction. And BAV doesn't forget to think about the fact that human beings need to have something to eat and drink as well on a day out at the fair.

What makes the difference between members of BAV and ordinary visitors of the meetings? Well, BAV always tries to treat its members with a nice remembrance of the day. One year the members may receive a coaster, the next year a glass with inscription for free. Besides that, quite often the day before the fair a tour through the host brewery is made. For members only. And members don't have to pay for their table at the meeting.


Six times a year the members receive the "BAV-Journaal" (in Dutch). A magazine with news about the Dutch brewery-world. It's a magazine for and from the members. It's the associations pride and joy, also read by all the Dutch brewers themselves. A magazine with news about instance interviews, (beer)recipes, information about beerbooks, stories about (old) breweries and last but not least the agenda with all new activities which will take place. And all this costs a member (from outside of the Netherlands) only 30,00 Euro (Europe, 45,00 Euro rest of the world) a year. Which is really not much money for all of this. It's the intention of BAV: payable for everyone.

Want to become a member?

That's possible! You'll receive, as previously stated, six times a year the "BAV-Journaal" in Dutch. You'll also be granted free admission to our fairs and you can participate in our excursions. Please fill out the form and press the send button. After processing your details you'll receive a payment order and you'll become a member after receiving your payment. Should you have any questions and/or remarks concerning this site, please contact us by e-mail: